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Our hand-built Volga 70 boats is a hydrofoil which is built in the 1960-70's. It has 29 ft aluminum hull wits is similar construction to airplanes. Triple step semi V-hull planes on forward foils at about 15 mph , aft foils fly at about 20 to 25 mph. Top speed 50 mph. And it with very good fuel economy because no hull resistance when foil borne. The boat is very light and I’m sure the gearing and prop could be optimized to move the boat even faster. Length: 29 feet Wide: 7 feet We currently have 2 Volga boat hull project , which are renovated and re-build.

Decks: High gloss varnished hardwood mahogany decks.

Cockpit: Floor is oiled hardwood teak. Dashboard: High gloss varnished hardwood mahogany.

Windshield: Surrounded by high gloss varnished hardwood mahogany.

Seats: Creamy white marine leather and high gloss varnished mahogany.

Hardware: Stainless steel.

Sound: Alpine Marine

Engine: The engine is completely re-built BMW d150 marine diesel.

Foils: Stainless Steel. All foils have vertical fin stabilizers and anti-cavitation endplates.

Volga 70: Products
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