Eurus 29

All our boats are cut out of Sea Plywood in their entirety with CNC and assembled like Lego. Where each piece finds a very precise place, which give a very high quality construction, and precision.

If you add a high quality finish to all, then the result is a high-gloss mahogany or some other precious wooden speedboat that catches everyone's eye. While the effortless lines showcase stunning woodwork and design, this boat is impossible to ignore.

LOA = 8.8m (maximum length)
BOA = 2.45m (widest)
LWL = 7.4m (waterline length)
BWL = 2.1m (width at the waterline)
Displ. = 1.1 / 2.1 t (light displacement / full)
Draft = 0.35 m (hull draft)
Freeboard = 0.8m (freeboard midships)
Engine = 2x150-250hp / Mercury Alpha-1
Bottom keel on the transom: 18 deg.
Passenger capacity: up to 8 people
Fuel tank: 2x150l. (fuel)
Accomodation: Forward cabin: double bed, galley, latrine, cockpit for 7 seats, sun deck for 3 people.


​Engine (s) power          250 h.p.    350 h.p.    500 h.p.

Speed of the boat       71 km / h  80 km / h  95 km / h



IGAVERE Tartu Estonia

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