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EURUS 17 out

There are three different finishing levels for the boat :

  • Easy - Suntek is finished with precious wood and the rest of the boat painted.

  • Easy-going - The entire upper end of the boat is finished with precious wood and the rest is finished with paint.

  • Exclusive - Boat boards, deck, cockpit are finished with precious wood. Just the boards inside and bottom below the waterline are painted.

Boats are finished according to the customer's wishes before, painting or covering the body with precious wood, all external constructions of the boat are covered with two layers of fiberglass and epoxy, which gives the boat great durability. After that the boat is finished with paint or precious wood veneer and varnish.

Precious wood options are: Mahogany, Teak, Wenge and also combined.

This boat can be equipped with up to 150 hp outboard.

These options determine the final price of the boat, ask the price for the boat that suits you.


LOA = 5.05m (maximum length)

BOA = 2.0m (widest)
LWL = 4.4m (waterline length)
BWL = 1.9m (width at the waterline)
Displ. = 0.5 / 0.9 t (light displacement / full)
Draft = 0.22-0.27m (hull draft)
Freeboard = 0.57m (freeboard midships)
Engine = 40-150hp Outboard
Bottom keel on the transom: 18 deg.
Passenger capacity: up to 5 people
Fuel tank: 80l. (fuel)

Engine pow                                   50hp         70 h.p.     90 h.p.
Speed (bottom without redans)  53 km / h  60 km / h 70 km / h
Speed  (bottom with redans)       70 km / h  83 km / h 90 km / h